A Mobile App and Web Platform that sends time critical push notifications to mobile teams

"NACapp" delivers Notifications, Alerts and Chat messages to mobile devices using push technology.

Push Notifications and Alerts can inform engineers of an issue requiring action.
Engineers can then use additional collaboration features such as Notes and Instant Messaging to monitor the status of a situation, allowing teams to assist each other to resolve the issue.

Push Notification messages can be created by a User's mobile phone, by logging into the Management Portal, via an Email message, or using API (HTTP POST or SOAP) with an automated system.

Important Notifications

sent directly to your mobile device

Send a notification message directly to a group of mobile devices instantly.
Notification Messages can be created by:
  • Using a mobile device running NACapp
  • Sending an Email - Email to Push
  • Using the NACapp Web Management Portal
  • Using an automated computer system communicating with our Integrated API - HTTP to Push / SOAP to Push
Users can see at any time which mobile devices have received, viewed, actioned or completed the Notification.

Adjustable Alerting Levels

for Maximum Engagement

For more urgent Notification Messages, you can set a higher priority.

Each mobile device can set different ringtones, vibration levels and LED colors for each priority level, so users know the type and urgency of the Notification they just received.
Custom vibration and LED indicator is currently supported on Android devices only.

Cross Platform CollaChat

Collaborate and chat with colleagues instantly via your mobile device across a range of platforms

CollaChat is an advanced group chatting feature. With support iPhone, iPad and Android, your teams can hold group chatting sessions between multiple users quickly and efficiently using the CollaChat chatting platform.
Single users or group members will receive a notification message to their mobile device when a chat message is received. As each user responds, all other users in the group see and can chat back, for easy chatting on the go.